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Enviro International Corporation is a project based company with a prime interest in Air pollution Control Equipment, Fog Canon, Ventilation Systems, Material handling system and Pneumatic Conveying System.

Enviro International Corporation is promoted by very skillful and experienced technocrats to provide one window solution for Air pollution control equipment, ventilation system, dust suppression system, Fog Canon, Industrial fan, Bulk Material Handling Systems and pneumatic conveying system etc, EIC has evolved into a special-applications engineering company for providing solutions to clients worldwide.

EIC have customized-engineered products which is designed, manufactured and is subsequently modified to meet the new application of customers. EIC engineers, having sound knowledge of filtration and advance technology design the equipment and test and modify the products in consultation with customer, which act as centre of excellence for product modification and enhancement of expertise in acquiring skill of the product for specified application.

We has very vast experience in air pollution line and has supplied over 300 bag filters on various applications. Most of bag filter that was supplied had been on crusher and screen house and for steel Industry applications. Our philosophy is to believe in offering the client complete engineering solution for the product, we generally visit the site and design the system as per site requirement. We design right form suction point hood to various duct sizes as per site condition and international standards. We generally require soft copy of plant, for designing the system on turnkey basis in India itself , incase the same is not available, than we visit the site and measures all the suction take off points distances etc and design the duct layout, so that complete system along with the bag filter can give optimum performance.

Thus the equipment supplied after the complete engineering design will give 100% performance on crusher also and after the installation of well designed equipment, you can stand in front of crusher in running condition also. In our opinion, more than equipment, design of the complete project is more important than bag filter itself.

Enviro International Corporation manufactures

Enviro International Corporation manufactures

Bag Filter, Dust Collector

Cyclone/Multicylone, Cyclonic bag filter, Catridge/Cassette type bag filter,

Dust Suppression System

Dry Fog Dust Suppression System, Plain water Dust Suppression System, Sprinkling System

Fog Canon/Mist Beam

Fog canon for 30m, 50m, 70m, 100m, is normally supplied, on request, even, 150m, 200m can be supplied

Pneumatic Conveying system

Lean phase System, Dense Phase System,

Material Handling Systems,

Belt Conveyors, Ra Materail Feed Handling system. Coal Hnadling Plant, Rice husk Handling ssystem,

Ventilation Systems,

P&V System, Air washers, Axial Fans, Roof Extractors


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