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Plain Water Dust Suppression System
Plain Water Dust Supression System

This type of dust suppression system in the coal handling plant is a wet dust suppression system. Wetting Agents are chemicals, if required, that are added to water to improve the rate at which spray droplets wet dust particles.

This system consists of three main parts.

Water Pump, Water Tank, etc

Spray headers with pipe lines & pumping system.

Control units with electrical systems.

Spray header with pipe lines pumping system includes solution pumps, isolating valves, spray nozzles, and pipe lines. The solution pumps are used to supply pressurized water to spray headers. The required quantities of nozzles are used to spray water. 

CONTROL UNITS WITH ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS consists of sensing units, control panels. Coal flow is sense by sensor. The control panels are consisting of various relays and transformer.

Operation of DS System
Auto control or manual control governs the system. It has to be insured that main tank is filled with water. The water is pumped by feed water pump from main tank to feed water tank. the system in recalculation. The sensing system for controlling spray at proper header ensures spraying solution if conveyor is running with coal. And will not allow spraying solution if conveyors are running empty, the solenoid valve headers are energized if conveyor is running with coal. If all or some of the solenoid valves are not energized the system will realize pressure through pressure relief valve, which protects the system. A solenoid valve is provided with bypass line, which operates when none of the spray header solenoid valves are operative.