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Enviro International is a project based company with a prime interest in Air pollution Equipment, Ventilation Systems, Dust Extraction system, & Pneumatic Conveying System, ESP etc.

Mission Statement

EIC strives to provide our customers with the best environmental solutions available through the use of cost effective and innovative technology.

Products Objective

EIC processing a team of vast experience and sound technical base , emphasize need to evaluate the site properly and We do therefore thoroughly study and evaluate on technical parameters of the system being offered for checking up its it suitability for site condition and subsequently put up all these analysis experience in to the drawing up the design plans and productions for the evolving of the product modeled on site condition , as a result successful operation and its optimuman utilization as per site conditions is guaranteed, W e always stress on basics for each and every project. we never face any commissioning issues in general.

In India,we are known for our humbleness and through knowledge of the system,Quite a few clients consider and a sucselect authetic and fair company and persons and we are therefore get rewarded with repeat orders with the client.

At EIC we welcome the challenge of product development. With over 40,000 square feet and highly skilled employees, we are able to meet our customers’ requirements cost-competitively.


The company is committed to produce quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our vision is :-

  • To ensure Customer Satisfaction
  • Constant Innovation
  • To help the client in choosing better product.
  • International Market Development
  • To diversify into Dust Suppression and other environmental friendly projects


Enviro Intl has team of experienced and highly skilled engineers, who has expertise in carrying out international design standard norms to meet the specific requirement. A group of highly skilled engineers consistently enhances the product in accordance with international practices of the industry in consultation with foreign consultants.

Our sales team have very vast experience of selling bag filter during their long tenure of the carrier.

Almost 200 bag Filter and almost 20 complete dust extraction system involving various equipment has been sold by the persons in the sales team.

Our production team personnals has over 20 years experience in mnaufcaturing and supply of Bag Filter, Centrifugal Fan, Tue Axial Fan, Air Washers, Ventilations systems, Dust Suppression System etc

EIC product are based on innovations and advance technolgy and innovation is further backed up by vast expeirence knoledged of the system. Our designs is evolved through through elaborate research and development on CAD/CAM to lend precision to every product line. In fact, our products successful run nad designs have earned and gathered many laurels for their innovative and qualitative nature not just in India but also abroad

EIC is a proud team of dedicated and proficient team members. . We value energetic and confident players in the marketing and technical fields, possessing essential qualification, experience and skills to go with the right attitude