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Air Pollution Equipment, Material Handling system, Dust suppresion system, Pneumatic Conveying System, etc

We offer clients bag filter based dust or fumes extraction system and dust collection units that are known for providing efficient performance for the extraction & collection of dust particles. Some of the processes where they find extensive usage include grinding, buffing, polishing, pulverizing, packing, crusher, transfer points, vibratory screens, boilers and others of different industries

Dust collector
From 1500 m3/hr to 2,00,000 m3/hr cap.

Heavy-duty dust collector for dust collection, pollution control & product recovery, built in single unit or in modular construction is costumed designed specially to suit the application.

We manufacture and supply dust collector on various application like Induction furnace, banbury mixture, rolling mill Furnace, coal handling plant, Crusher and screen house, bunker house, sponge iron plants ,Rice mill, cement plants coal based thermal power plant etc .

Pneumatic conveying systems are basically quite simple and are eminently suitable for the transport of powdered and granular materials in factory, site and plant situations. The system requirements are a source of compressed gas, usually air, a feed device, a conveying pipeline and a receiver to disengage the conveyed material and carrier gas. The system is totally enclosed, and if it is required, the system can operate entirely without moving parts coming into contact with the conveyed material. High, low or negative pressures can be used to convey materials. For hygroscopic materials dry air can be used, and for potentially explosive materials an inert gas such as nitrogen can be employed. A particular advantage is that materials can be fed into reception vessels maintained at a high pressure if required

we supply both Lean Phase system and Dense phase system

Dust Suppression System
We offer Dust Suppression system for Stock Yard, Belt Conveyor line for power plant & other industries, Wagon Trippler , Belt transfer points, Reclaimer Hopper, Screen, crusher,

We offer

  • Plain Water system,
  • Dry Fog System,
  • Stock yard Sprnkling System
  • Fog Canon, etc

We in association with our team of engineers and designers developed a cutting age technology for Fog Canon and offers different types of Fog Canon. Fog cannon can operates with different principles and mechanisms. One of types is purely mechanically driven system with electrical motor inputs, here in also we can offer different type of system with different basic principles for operation of the fog canon. while, mechanical one can be prone to maintenance during it life time, we also offer other cutting age technology, which is trouble free system, with bare occasional maintenance.

We supply Fog canon for a throw away range up to, 35m, 50m, 60m, 70m, and 100m.150m,200m

Air washer
We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Evaporative Air Cooling globally. The products which come under this category are Evaporative Air Cooling-Single Skin and Evaporative Air Cooling- Double Skin.
We offer superior quality, Industrial Air Washer Unit that work on the principle of cooling the air by passing it over water-saturated pads, water evaporates and results in cooling of air,. The cool air is then directed into the ventilated area. Air Washer Unit is a very energy-efficient means of cooling.

Ventilation ssytem

We Offer Following Equipment For Ventilation System :

  • Ventilation and Pressurization Systems :From 1500 m3/hr to 4, 00,000 m3/hr capacity
  • Air Washers, Air Handling unit : From 1500 m3/hr to 4, 00,000 m3/hr cap.
  • Evaporative and Cooling Systems
  • Fan for Ventilation systems, Roof Extractor, Tube axial fan
  • Air Conditioning System

We supply AHU for cooling and heatinf of any spoace, workshop, offices,etc. AHU is alsu supplied for heating purpose

If dehumidification is required, then the cooling coil is employed to over-cool so that the dew point is reached and condensation occurs. A heater coil placed after the cooling coil re-heats the air (therefore known as a re-heat coil) to the desired supply temperature

AHU is used to provide heating, cooling, or both to change the supply air temperature, and humidity level depending on the application. It Can be provided by heat exchanger coil(s) within the air handling unit air stream, such coils may be direct or indirect in relation to the medium providing the heating or cooling effect

Indirect coils use hot water or steam for heating, and chilled water for cooling (prime energy for heating and cooling is provided by central plant elsewhere in the building). Coils are typically manufactured from copper for the tubes, with copper or aluminium fins to aid heat transfer. Cooling coils will also employ eliminator plates to remove and drain condensate. The hot water or steam is provided by a central boiler, and the chilled water is provided by a central chiller. Downstream temperature sensors are typically used to monitor and control "off coil" temperatures, in conjunction with an appropriate motorized control valve prior to the coil.

We offer high efficiency cyclone in robust construction,

We design and manufacture customized cyclone for every application,

Very low pressure drop as there is a optimized dimensional selection of cyclone

Multi cyclone for boiler and other application is also individually designed and manufactured

Fume Extraction System
From 1500 m3/hr to 2,20,000 m3/hr cap.We offer technically advanced fume extraction systems that are extensively used to protect men working in the manufacturing plants from hazardous gases and fumes. These systems are tailor-made strictly in accordance with the data provided by clients and the space available at their site. We always take utmost care in carrying out the fabrication and installation of only highly efficient extraction systems that can deliver optimum and consistent work output for longer periods.

Various types of scrubber are supplied for Inductiom Furnace, Acid Fumes Exhaust application, ceramic Industry , Pickling Plant etc.

EIC is a prominent Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from India. We proffer a wide range that is has Backward Curve Side Frame Centrifugal Air Fan/Blowers fabricated using high grade materials and designed by experts, our fans are suitable for generating medium volume &low pressure as well as high volume &very low pressure as desired

Centrifugal Fan for dust collector application, Centrifugal Fan for ventilation System

We are very reputed among the major Roof Extractor Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers for providing advanced Rooftop Turbine Roof Extractor Fans for ventilation and other needs. We manufacture these using high quality stainless and mild steel and ensure to abide by the industrial standards for designing and manufacturing.

Carrying Idlers, Pulleys etc

We supply complete range of Belt Conveying system.

We supply complete material Handling system for coal, cement, rice, baggage, lime stone, Crushing and screening systems etc. Idlers, Pulleys and other spares are supplied by us are also supplied by us.

Belt Conveyors

  • Complete turnkey project of belt Conveyors
  • Raw Material Handling Systems
  • Material Handling system
  • Rice Husk Materail Feeding system
  • Coal Conveying System
  • Lime Stone Handling system,
  • Complete crushing and screening system
  • Belt Conveyors accessories
  • Idlers

We manufacture a wide range of Tube axial Fans that is highly appreciated in the industry. Our Tube axial Fans are employed for humidification and ventilation needs and can easily handle large air volumes even at low pressures with minimum noise production. Available in different sizes to function at varying speeds