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We supply air slide for all aplication. We can supply air slide for aplication like fly ash, rice, cement or fior any other application. We specifically design the system to suit the requirement We can also supply air slide fabric of defferent density and width.

Air-Slides are manufactured and designed to convey bulk material in powders form from silos or storage facility toa further location. It is a very easy way of conveying and it has very easy control, it can also have bends and can give discharge to multiple points. Very easy control and multi point discharge makes it very economical and attractive ways for conveying. Air-Slide has a rectangular chamber and it is separated by a permeable fabric. The chamber is inclined at very little angle (as low as 1.5°). Compressed air is normally injected into the lower chamber which further diffused and permeates through the media and “fluidises” the material. The material now becomes fluid under suspension of air and behaves like a fluid and than under fluid influences of air, the fluid material commences “flowing ” down the length of the chamber. The excess air is vented to a dust collector. 

Air-Slideis available in various section and are available of standard opening sizes up to lengths of 6 metres, but it can be made for client specific requirement to suit the site